Poem of the Seasons

by Harry

Submitted by Amoralegria

Nature is my favourite subject for poetry, and with a 3″ snowfall today, the weather and cycle of life are on my mind!

Seeds and bulbs lie dormant,
waiting for the sign…
is born
as tiny
up out
of the ground after
a long hard freeze.
Birds return to budding trees
and sing their joy to the warming spring air,
flowers invite visitors
by opening their petals,
revealing their fertile interiors.
their buzzing and busyness
signaling their quest for food.

Rain falls,
sometimes in
tempestuous torrents,
providing nourishment
to soil and roots.
Trees in full foliage provide shade and green beauty
when the sun casts down its greatest heat
captured by their abundant leaves.
Nature’s brilliant colors warm in their full bloom.

Green gives way to red, yellow, orange,
and brown as trees lose green chlorophyll
and the sun diminishes its heat,
the air turns colder
and the
wind blows
Trees are bare, waiting for
which coats their branches and blankets the ground.

The ground freezes and animals hibernate,
the land is white and silent.
Early shadows stretch across the blinding white landscape,
snow falls
or doesn’t.
Ice melts
on sunny days,
the frozen ground.

Snow melts into water and
flows down,
down, soaking the ground
and the dead grass,
giving a sign
with the help of the rising sun…
that it’s time for life to awaken
and begin its cycle again.

by Katy Berman, 4/17/13

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