~ If I Knew

by ladyliterati

~ If I knew

In those youthful years
Ones filled with uncertainty
Self doubt, envies, jealousies
I’d of loved myself more
Thereby loving others ‘as is’
Accepting uniqueness
As a God given gift:

From the cradle to the grave
Life, that great metamorphosis
Ever changing us
Ever evolving
We arrive at wisdoms door
Aged, with happiness and sorrow
Love and loss
Regrets and accolades
Lessons learned from choices made
Circumstances beyond our control;
A control we never had in the first place –
But held fast to the illusion thereof
It is in the journey we morph
As the butterfly, from our cacoon
Of knowing and knowing not
To face the world head on
Fearless in our aspirations,
Accepting the unchangeable
With empathy and compassion
Unconditional love, understanding
As our guide; from lessons learned,
We are now able to help others:
“It is in the valleys we find strength to climb
It is on the mountaintop we remember
How we got there, and we share
Pieces of ourselves, with pure intent,
To those now deep in our footprints
Walking this journey, called, Life –
No one claimed it would be easy”

2 Comments to “~ If I Knew”

  1. Then it has served to relay the message for whom it was intended 🙂

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