Yoo-Hoo! – Tumbling Verse

by irinadim

VIDEO0455_0000032162-001 Yoo-Hoo for Poets' Corner

Here I come, yoo-hoo-hoo!

Your beloved cockatoo

Oh yeah, screech I do

For I love you, yes I do

VIDEO0455_0000034461-001 signed crop 2


Away, away with you

Cheeky, screeching cockatoo!

Shoo and shoo and shoo!


Yeah, I loved you too

Before the bite you took

With your blasted beak like a hook

(You don’t seem to need a cook!)

Out of my poor table that it shook

With searing horror and in pain

To be thus sliced and slain

Now exposing wounded grain


Depart at once, you pesky pest

NO, I’m not saying it in jest

NO, I’m no more impressed

By your splendid sulphur crest

You’re no more a welcome guest!


Shoo, shoo, shoo!

BOO to you!



© Copyright 2015 Irina Dimitric


This poem was originally posted as a response to a challenge on SunWinks! February 15, 2015 Take a Tumble.






7 Comments to “Yoo-Hoo! – Tumbling Verse”

  1. Harry, I’m sorry, the “read more” button didn’t work. I inserted it after the second picture.

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