Never believe all you see

by Harry

Submitted by Alf Garnet
The Clowns mask is hard for him to bear,
For the crowd only see the smile that it wears,

Their not bothered about the person beneath,
How much sadness they go through, how much grief,

Their only there to get a good laugh,
When he falls over, when he acts daft,

They won’t see the inner tears he cries,
Or how he feels his life is one big lie ,

For to them he has no feelings ,
Even if his emotions are high as the ceiling,

His just there to act the fool,
And to be himself that Isn’t cool ,

For his the joker, the jester, all rolled into one ,
His the one with the silly feet and the daft run,

So when the last of the lights go out,
And the people have had their last shout,

He goes head low back to his room
And cries his eyes out for all his gloom,

And the letter upon the wooden table top,
Says “it’s terminal, ” and ends in a full stop …

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