Memory’s wisdom smiles

by Jem Croucher

John at Charmouth

In a blue suit that I hated
I threw a flower to the wood
And felt the chill of March around me
By that deep hole where I stood
Fifteen years I’d known him
But his shell was now below
Wondered how I’d manage then
As at the time I didn’t know

There were two holes on that lonely day
The one there at my feet
And the one his passing left in me
As I felt then incomplete
He’d been my friend and confidant
My angst he’d understood
He’d had the words for everything
As every father should

Yet, as I grew, his presence
Powerfully remained
And as the years passed ever on
His wisdom I retained
Now over forty years have gone
My own children all now grown
But I’d like to think his memory
To each of them I’ve shown

His fathers’ love I have passed on
Because that love it never ends
And as we were those years ago
My four and I are friends
His memory’s wisdom smiles
On grandchildren never seen
Stronger with each passing year
As it has ever been

And occasionally I’ll visit
That plot up on the hill
And though the headstone is now faded
His eye is on me still
Im my mind’s eye I can see him too
Time can’t take that from me
It’s a picture now embraced with smiles
And a treasured memory

Photo – John Alan Croucher, Charmouth, UK, 1974 – by Jempics


3 Comments to “Memory’s wisdom smiles”

  1. Well said…nice poem!! 🙂

  2. And the knees have it 🙂

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