by Peter Notehelfer
Robert Papp

Robert Papp

The pomegranates
in the picture you sent
brought me such memories
I was a boy again picking fruit
from the tree in the back yard
My skin reddened & ruddy
by summer as the fruit
with leathery skin 

Among the fallen
one would crack open
revealing silken pockets
packed tight with shiny seeds
which popped when crunched
exploding in the mouth
with the sweet savors
of Constantinople

She would make
pomegranate jellies
with what I could gather
clear as a glass of Grenache
which on the buttered toast
would be a kiss of the sun
on some December
Sunday morning

“Poetry [can] make you remember
what you didn’t know you knew.” ~ Robert Frost

4 Comments to “Memories”

  1. I agree with Paul 🙂 🙂

  2. This is soo refreshing.. thanks a lot! It made my day..

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