Love Story

by Peter Notehelfer
Rebecca Stahr

Rebecca Stahr

We had set out
to write a love story
I the boy from the city
You the girl from the farm
We wrote in spiral notebooks
with a smudging ballpoint pen
What I wrote was printed
You in exquisite script
We wrote in tandem
You earth I sky 

And as we wrote
so the love story grew
I learned to till the soil
You how to play the flute
When we filled one notebook
the next was already at hand
You were counting pages
I contemplating words
Over time we became
love’s characters

The love story
we’d set out to write
You with perfect syntax
I with a poor man’s poetry
got published to great reviews
to lie cloth`bound on our shelf
You write fine novels now
I string stones on thread
Tears we never cried
have come home


4 Comments to “Love Story”

  1. readin’ ‘n ‘writing ‘n romancin’

  2. It was what we did back in those days . . .

  3. Beautiful! Shared it on Twitter. 🙂

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