by Lakshmi

and i’ve had just about enough

of men turning their faces in the street
leers and grins stamped onto their
carnivorous faces

of crowded buses where they jab themselves
at my body like rusting knives; hurt before
still hurts

of rape jokes played out in large groups
to general laughter and don’t they realise
that’s someone’s agony

of hearing, girls can’t do maths, can’t be
scientists and they can’t drive, we’ve always had
a double burden

of aunts and uncles asking in honeyed tones
why my skin isn’t fairer, my smile wider
i’m always fighting

how do i put in words
this everyday indiscriminate assault
it doesn’t matter who you are
or what you do
you’ll never be enough

so let me tell you
that you are so much more than beautiful
and we must have courage
for our granddaughters as our
grandmothers had for us

it’s too much but we know we’ll keep moving on.


Violence towards women is a major issue no matter where you live. Speak up and stop staying silent.

“Here’s to strong women – may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them”. – Anonymous

Happy Women’s Day, March 8, 2015.



4 Comments to “Enough.”

  1. A passionate glimpse into inside of one who knows the sharp hooks of abuse and understands it is not isolated but pervasive in our culture and society . . . “we must have courage for our granddaughters as our grandmothers had for us”
    Brava! Blessings . . .

  2. Well said from the heart.

  3. Awesome piece – nourishing and soothing…!! 🙂

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