Dear Anne

by Tiffany Layne

****In honor of the 70th Anniversary of the death of Anne Frank****

I’ve thought of you often over the years,
In that little attic, hiding your fears.
Growing and changing without room to fly,
In a world that left us all wondering why?!
How did hatred and evil drown out the light?
Why did it take us so long to fight?
Why are there people who still deny the truth,
Refusing to acknowledge what happened to you?
How could there be shame in wearing a star?
Could that make you less than who you were?
And if God wanted us all to be copies of one another,
Why would he create a world with so many colors?
Bittersweet! Your dreams of becoming a writer came true,
Only after the world lost the treasure of you.
In a concentration camp, you kissed your mother goodbye.
The darkness took your sister, and you closed your eyes.
But while staring down evil, you still made your mark!
“Despite everything, I still believe people really are good at heart!”
And those words have echoed through generations.
Those words have brought lost souls salvation!
I think of you, I wonder, is it possible that you’ve seen
The impressions you’ve left on the people like me…

My Dear Anne, I hope you rest in peace.

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6 Comments to “Dear Anne”

  1. this is so inspirational . wow ..its beautiful 🙂

  2. Yes the world should mark this event or be reminded of Anne Frank and the numerous others as this can happen again. What I am talking about. Genocide has already occurred since then. The right atmosphere and Nazism could occur all over again. I like the way you wrote this poem

  3. A very moving tribute to a light shining in a dark place . . .

  4. An exceptional piece of prose; one to be reviewed and read over and over to absorb fully…!! 🙂

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