Ode to Trucklin`

by Peter Notehelfer
second grade artist colorandcollage.blogspot.com

second grade artist    colorandcollage.blogspot.com

One thing ’bout a daffodil
It don’t pretend to be no tulip
more than this here dandy’lion
thinks his self to be a rose 

Fashion’ll do a funny thing
to the carnation & the politician
Makes one red & the other blue
for no reason but a season

Turns the sinner into saint
‘n shows the saint up a sinner
just by soaking up plain water
corrupted with a little gin

Ain’t never seen no jonquil
in a congresswoman’s silk lapel
Nor any fluffy dandy’lion dust
on some senator’s Cadillac

“I never truckled; I never took off the hat to Fashion
and held it out for pennies . . .” ~ Frank Norris

2 Comments to “Ode to Trucklin`”

  1. for the most part I can always count on your posts being cold and snide…!
    This one is a another good example of that.

  2. ah congress – where all flowers wilt and die

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