~ Unfathomable ~ 

by ladyliterati

~ Unfathomable ~ 

The ceiling of my church is that heavenly vault
Framed by branches reaching high in praise
Hymns, the babbling brooks of water, rock and sands
Together uniting in melodies of worship
Prayers ascend through wafting breeze
Of bushes, branches, of leaves and trees
Here, uninhibited, beyond prying eyes my woes revealed

My communion with God sacred as the earth beneath my feet
My song surges from the souls unfathomable depths
To glorify all that surrounds me; as comforting arms embrace
In the form of sunbeams streaming – I touch the hands of God.

2 Comments to “~ Unfathomable ~ ”

  1. Oh how I do love this! I actually have a place, tucked in the heights of the Rockies, that I claim as my church. The whispers of God are alive in the breeze… very well done, and extremely true! Love it!

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