by Seafarrwide


Loneliness adds to the beauty and colours of life

In music blissful tunes invite you to trance

Spooning the notes, sorrow begins it’s sweet dance

Loneliness is the language for expressing the pain

Feeling unwanted  uncared for names yelled in vain

Wearing a cloak of darkness a poverty of self

Neglected alone on an old dusty shelf

Mechanical strides on a long weary path

Wearing an impenetrable happy weathered mask

If loneliness had a voice would it be angry and loud

Hoping someone would notice, stand out in the crowd

Or quite as a mouse hoping not to disturb

Softly sinking in anonymity unperturbed

If loneliness had a colour would it be dark as night

Or grey as the dawn, bleached out all white

Loneliness enhances the colours of nature

Pricking eyes wide open in attentive stature

The deafening noise of exquisite finds

Sunsets burning brighter singhing the mind

The air smells richer incredibly dense

The glory of solitude all making sense

Inhaling despair, solitude disappears

In the terror of monotony you find your fears

If loneliness had a face would it be sad and tearing

Or envious and aching one to be fearing

Skin taut with despair cheeks hollowed with pain

The body a visceral diary of self pitiful strain

Unyielding to touch as if it would be too much

The visions of happiness and love once known

Leaving you hollow and more terribly alone

Yet in loneliness the deepest thoughts begin

The layers of sin knowing your own skin

You discover visions in obscurity, golden gimmicks

The quest for fulfillment with endless limits

With profound repose you look back at your journey

Contemplating what you did with all the learning

To be faced now with the void of a solo path

Wondering how much longer you can endure and last

When all actions are gone leaving you motionless

Loneliness will be whistling its horrid best

A slow death is upon you and it is called sorrow

Wondering if you will get through tomorrow

Poem by Wendy Norman (Seafarrwide)

Image from Pinterest


2 Comments to “Loneliness”

  1. What an amazing write; thanks for the share…!!

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