An Ode to Winter

by Lakshmi

The last dregs of winter are washed away
By a greening rainstorm – outlandish weather
To greet the spring.
The guileless symphony of rain and wind
The accompaniment to my voiceless goodbye
Winter takes wing.

I regret the frigid days I squandered
Unchaining demons in my head and heart
Softly mourning.
I forgot that time makes cyphers of kings
And kings of cyphers, moving forward
Without warning.

I bid adieu to the comfort of wool
The opulent chill in my flesh and bones
In hibernation.
Farewell the glacial whiff of wind
The shadowy rooms and frigid floors
This savoured desolation.

Summer will invade, with clear blue skies
The wind humid and stifling, to smother
My sleeping heart.
I want to awaken to haze and mist
I hope in vain for those departed winter nights
Oh, I’m falling apart.


4 Comments to “An Ode to Winter”

  1. Words akin to my own heart – roll on summer! Big smiles

  2. Almost completely missed this piece; but searched for your name after reading “peace.” What an amazing poem; very well crafted and thought through, much enjoyed 🙂

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