by Lakshmi

It’s 3 am and I’m still awake
With an empty heart, an empty head
With dim lights and a gnawing silence
And things I’d rather forget.
The sun will rise, the sun will set
The world will turn with viciousness
As the days fade I’ll keep on counting
The things that I have left.

Everything has turned to dust
Or stone, or fled from me
And what I’ll have forever now
Are ashes of memories.
I am weightless, I am drifting
A child who’s lost at sea
A tempest roaring at my heels
And a haze of uncertainty.

A labyrinth, it spins itself so fine
Around my brittle bones
I watch the monsters that emerge
And I wish I could go home.
But home is not a place so much
As it is a peace of mind
And I’m too tired to walk further on
To see what I might find.

And maybe it’s not passion or love
Of which someday I’ll sing
It’s not the promise of a better day
Or hope for brighter things.
The singers sing and the dreamers dream
Of love and hope in rain
But what’s enough is to crawl out of bed
Again, and again, and again.


4 Comments to “Surviving”

  1. I absolutely love this poem! I can sooooo relate to this! What is enough to crawl out of bed again and again?????

  2. Welcome to poets corner and well done.

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