Heals & Burns

by Tiffany Layne

It’s the whisper between lovers
The simple trade of a hidden glance
It’s the moonlight on the water
The footsteps of a long slow dance
And no one is there to bare witness
They can’t post it on Instagram
The only proof their love existed
Are tear-stained cheeks and goodbye frowns.

Now she cries, he’s gone again
They can’t tell lies, so they can’t be friends
But night falls down, the moon lights up
The waves tell a story of his love
Then she questions her sanity
If he’s gone, why isn’t she free?
Love like that, it twists and turns-
It lives on and grows, it heals and burns.

She sends a letter, it sits unopened
He wants to call her but he can’t
Too hard to mend the heart you’ve broken
She’d forgive, he can’t imagine that
Instead their secret remains untold
Their love is not one the world can hold
It lives on in dreams of a past re-lived
Only the future knows what’s left to give

Because a love like that just twists and turns-
It lives on and grows, it heals and burns…

One Comment to “Heals & Burns”

  1. Blondie’s back 🙂 nice to see you.

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