by Michelle Sherlock

barbed wired icicle representing pain and unforgiveness

Pain jabs deep within

Like an icicle sliding in

Rooting it out

Will make the blood spout

And new life begin

Sorrow and sighing

Will flee away

Unless I’m led astray

And hold it in as unforgiven

© Michelle Sherlock 23/2/15


9 Comments to “Unforgiven”

  1. I don’t if it’s pride or we just needed time to heal. But that’s how the feeling of unforgiven is

    • Yes you’re right. Paul McGee in his SUMO book talk about hippo time where you get to wallow for a time limited period in self pity – but then you have to get back up, ditch the victim T-shirt and decide to thrive

  2. The last sentence is very effective; felt it…!!

  3. Thanks Colly, yes I have to keep reminding myself of the damage done by unforgiveness to make myself keep forgiving. You know those times when you think you let go and then it crops up again and you have to forgive all over again or risk the consequences

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