A Thousand Smiles

by Tiffany Layne

I captured a thousand smiles
Posted them in a book
So one day I could go back
And see all the pictures I took

In case my memory fails me
In case my brain forgets
I have a hundred books to show me
The best parts of the life I’ve lived

There are no pages of the broken hearts
No pages of the frowns
No pages of the sleepless nights
Or the times we let each other down.
But I’ve got all the campouts,
Spaghetti faces,  first days of school,
Football games and talent shows,
Halloweens and Christmas morns!

I’ve got her first date and his first ride
And the boy who wanted to make her a bride
I’ve got the letter jacket and the football cleats,
And the surprised faces when he moved those feet
Across the field to a cheering crowd,
And I’ve got all of them laughing out loud.
So just in case we ever wonder what made it worth the while,
I’ve got the books filled with pages that captured
A thousand smiles!

5 Comments to “A Thousand Smiles”

  1. This is a wonderful homage to the enduring joy of a photograph album. Thanks for posting 😀

  2. My daughter loves making photo scrapbooks so I’m re blogging this lovely poem for my Beth!

  3. I found this really moving. A great reminder to share the good times of our children’s lives. I wonder what the next generation will do when their only photos are online or on phones? 🙂

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