by amongmyfrivolousthoughts

I’m handed one occasionally
Like a tiny shard of moon
Stardust nestled in tissue
Or butterflies in a jam jar
My heart aches for them but

They’re never mine to keep
I’m undeserving of treasures
Special and rare as these so
I sprinkle away the stardust
Let the butterflies soar free
I float away the moon sliver
I hand them out to strangers
Like shillings in sunshine
Blushing and beaming as I do
They don’t see the craving
Hidden silently within my eyes
And they don’t hear my heart
Sigh, so battered, beleaguered
Maybe someday in the future
When I’m finally good enough
I’ll accept it without dissent
When I’m given a compliment


4 Comments to “compliments”

  1. So well done; makes me smile. 🙂

  2. Well done Farah and welcome to poets corner.

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