by Harry

Submitted by Seema devi

Your silent whispers , I only can hear
That whispers, pulsate in my heart
Sweet words audible in silent void
Mesmerized me, I was stranger to me.
Your sombre eyes worshipped my beauty
Like dew drops on the quivering petals
Your kisses on my eyes ,
your wet lips on my bosom
Your descending journey
From lips toes, an agonizing joy!

I couldn’t bear it , but wanted more
Crazy !
Your fingers exploring fiery flowers
as they moved from cheeks to thighs
Toes you massaged , i was lost
In a world, empty ,thoughtless, silent
I was searching for inner freedom
I tasted this in this moment, true.
Enlightenment in physical pleasures
Is a glimpse of spiritual enlightenment
Through detachment with these pleasures.
Nirvana, a peace beyond physical being.


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