White Trawler

by Peter Notehelfer
Eric Schiabor fineartamerica.com

Eric Schiabor  fineartamerica.com

Out on the water
a white trawler slowly
crawls to the north-east
Her booms tied straight up
against her stack like masts
On her glistening deck
an old fish-hand sorts
new coils of rope 

No ship passes
but I pause to wonder
Where do you come from?
and Wherefore are you headed?
All washed-down and slicked-up
like a child bound for church
bright ribbons streaming
from her hair

Will you through
the channels to the sea?
Northward toward the rivers
the innumerable streams running so wild
where even now bright fingerlings tumble
downstream in a wintry rush
to seek their destiny
in the dark deep

Out on the water
a white trawler slowly
crawls to the north-east
Old feet tangled in thick brambles
can’t answer the young heart’s call
A heart which long ago
took the long leap
to a white deck


3 Comments to “White Trawler”

  1. Happy Wednesday, though Wordless, I still should like to tell you how much your Inspirations mean to me each day. Thank You!! 🙂

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