My Worthless Cupid – Happy Valentine’s Day

by graypoet


Poetry challenge: Valentines Day poem.

Just another timeless treasure… Happy Valentines Day.

I have to say I’m very distressed
I sent you out and each time you missed
How am I going to find someone special to hold
If you can’t shoot an arrow cuz you’re just too old.

Why do I get the Cupid that is blind
Most of the time I probably wouldn’t mind
But on this day I’d at least like to dream
Yet every time you miss I feel I could scream.

Too fat to fly and too slow to just walk
You can’t shoot straight and you’re forbidden to talk
So each woman who I think might give me a smile
You let fly that arrow and miss by a mile.

Maybe if the Devil would give me a chance at a deal
I could get you a shotgun and arrows of steel
But what good would that do me if you got off a shot
Just another love gone, one you killed on the spot.

So I give up on Cupid, I just have to stay by myself
I take this old heart and put it back on the shelf
There is always the chance that some sweet lady will be
Strapped with a Cupid that is blind and he’ll pick me.

2 Responses to “My Worthless Cupid – Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. 😦 and somewhat comical, too. Hopeful at the end…


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