Poem of the Day – Supple Joints

by paturnerlee

Supple Joints


Marked distance spaced from and evaporated into

Tissue, sent to analyse a dream state

Crumpled up paper in a pocket,

A rubbish container

A purple lined smoking jacket, ready for the cleaners

Like the handkerchief at Christmas with pink spots running

Sweet whiffs whistle patterns of time

A beacon of hype

Pose meritorious in aim of an heirloom

A chair for the Aunty

Teeth in cement jar

A crashed cycle of anachronistic time twisters

Blithering chips for sale

Grease bar open for dancing

Proven quirky

Flown for a spirit rejuvenation

A green paper decision

High night

Pointed toes at sunset

Pester three


For that reason


January 30th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015


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