~ Madness of this Modern World ~ ( Spoken Word )

by A. L. O'Prunty


Out there
In the modern world
I stake no claim,
Take no responsibility
How could I?
There is a vast gap
One of honoring
And respecting elders,

While grocery shopping;
In casual conversation
Curse words were spewed
From the mouths
That should be singing
Nursery rhymes!
No one paid attention –
No one corrected
The children’s language
With a stern chastisement
No one cared,

My voice was silent
My eyes reprimanded
As I stared into ebony eyes
First one, then the other
The lowered their heads
The parent began cursing
Quarreling over the price
Of a case of beer,
I understood:

Children become what they see
Voice what they hear,
Their innocence lost early
In the madness of the modern world!



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