The Waiter

by Heather's Starting End


There we were at the table for four,
My wife and two kids
Who could ask for more?

Except life wasn’t all,
That you would think
The waiter came round,
Saw I needed a drink

As his eyes met mine
Before anything said,
He acknowledged the madness
Running round my head

My wife is complaining I work too much,
She sees me an hour a night
But in the same breath she questions me
About summer vacation,
With our Business Class flight

My Daughter is texting her BFFL,
Not one word to me has she spoke
My son, fighting the Angry Birds,
Hyper, while sipping his third round of Coke

I am exhausted and just want to sleep
The stress of the day,
Flowing through my mind

I ask for the bill and pay my tab,
Wondering if,
This Family’s mine


The deterioration of the modern family….








One Comment to “The Waiter”

  1. Men who value their wife – children their unit is rock solid…as is he. And there is NOTHING more precious than family.

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