A Balancing Act

by Seafarrwide




The beauty of deportment is really quite an art

The most beautiful and well dressed is not all they need

Unless their temple carries well they might as well take heed

What is becoming for one can be improper for another

If unsure of your gait then ask your dear sweet mother

The rompish jest of childhood or a boyish gait and air

May suit a day of picnicking or punting at the fair

Very well if youth is your passport to a sportive path in life

But would decidedly draw contempt if you were past middle meridian in life

Your age must be considered to carry your estate

A majestic air may suit a man but not an aging state

Heaviness should glide with an undulating flair

Not thump about scaring creatures from their lair

Some light forms correspond like the limbs of a willow tree

Swaying in the breeze moving in swan like symphony

Delicate proportions suit nymph like steps of youth

All can be displayed easily if you don’t try to hide the truth

If in doubt a lady should be governed by these ideas

Of moderated taste and delicacy throughout her lifelong years

Sweetest charms and kindness do make a person glow

A stunning dress is not important as how about you go

What miracle working charm there is in just a blush

What softness and majesty in natural simplicity don’t rush

Noting modesty is to woman what the mantle of green is to nature

It’s ornament the highest beauty in an enduring demeanour and stature

When basically a man can be like certain beasts in trees

Feeding when but little provender, hard to get, like through a rack

But refuse to touch it when its in abundance is an ugly fact

The art of deportment is the icing on the cake

It will make you shine, an important trait

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Poem by Wendy Norman (Seafarrwide)


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