Musical Contemplation

by graypoet

There are times when a song strikes a note
When we ponder all that we might feel inside
Lyrics might not mean what we think we heard
Yet the melody still takes our mind on a ride.

I read a post talking of over-thinking the words
A song sending us to a different moment in time
It might even cause us to stop what we are doing
Lost to a memory of the past, at times so sublime.

Maybe those words touched on a painful past event
Someone whose actions tore the fabric of our soul
Maybe a thoughtless distraction they didn’t mean
That even now we find difficult to share or extol.

Oh the power of the artists words in so many songs
We are left to contemplate what their words meant
After it’s gone we may still be humming those notes
Too often wondering just where our own sanity went.

In time:


2 Comments to “Musical Contemplation”

  1. Your notes are ne’er out of tune. 🙂

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