My Thanks to an Angel

by Heather's Starting End

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God has chosen another flower of Beauty,
One to bring back home
Dear Angel so new, that our paths never crossed,
May I please thank-you now
For your wonderful Son?

He accepted his role as a Man today,
With strength beyond years of eighteen
You taught him so much in a very short time,
The essentials of life and what it should mean

As you passed slowly
Into the light,
His world lost color, it turned shortly dark

His garden felt empty,
Its colors, bare
But just why you went,
He could accept in his heart

Glistening stars in the evening sky,
Presence of rainbows,
Just after a storm
Are just some of the signs, you’ll give to him,
That you’re now at peace,
And never so far from home

He knows that you’ll
Hear his whispers, his prayers,
As when you lived, like all Fathers do

You’ll not forsake in his hardest times
That your love is eternal as,
His love is for you

It is an honor to have him here in our lives,
This gift, that you did create
Trust that we’ll look out for him here,
On the opposite side
Of Heaven’s Gate

Written for my Daughters Boyfriend who lost his Dad Saturday night to brain cancer. His strength and faith has gone above and beyond anything I have ever witnessed, He himself, is angelic



5 Comments to “My Thanks to an Angel”

  1. Beautiful

  2. Lovely way to start my day…Thank You 🙂

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