~ White Feather ~

by ladyliterati


We teetered on the cusp;

Cupids dart striking heart strings
That quivered, quickened the senses
Stirring solitude of the soul

You choose solitude of self
Left me standing heart in hand;
I gifted you the white feather:

To love takes courage
I found you wanting.


2 Comments to “~ White Feather ~”

  1. In line 5 did you mean ‘choose’ or ‘chose’ . . . If it were me I would want to know . . . Otherwise I really like the poem! Blessings . . .

  2. Nice poem about unrequited love (the way I see it)…..I like the last two lines: “to love takes courage, I found you wanting,” Love does take courage, you make yourself vulnerable when you let some one in. Some people just cannot love back…I have found many wanting.

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