Read me my bedtime story

by Colly

Sunrise, oh sunrise.
Welcomes blue sky.
Yellow rays stream.
Sleepy, little, eyes beam.
Sweeping blue jay sings.
Morning passes by – oh my.

Brown bellied robins hunt worms.
Yellow is the warmth of noon.
The sun high in the sky.

Yellow is the daffodils.
Mom – dad plants along the windowsill.
Dad has a green thumb mom says.
He digs in the brown dirt.

Plants love him so much.
As he tenderly cares for their needs.
Just like how he tucks you in bed.
Or reads a story to you.
And mom does that too.

Before long it’s time for lunch.
Pizza is my favorite food.
We enjoy it in any room.
But mostly in the dining room.
With a glass of pop or milk.

At evening it’s time for bath.
Here’s a poem that’s water, wet, fun.

Paddle, waddle in water and what?
Paddle, waddle, water is wet.
Paddle, waddle – waddle around.
Don’t forget where the soap is found.

Paddle, waddle in water and what?
Paddle, waddle with a duck or truck.
Paddle, waddle water is fun.
Some billowy bubbles float along.

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles
go far n wide.
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles
reach to the sky.
Down flutters a butterfly.
Then up on some bubbly clouds.
An airplane zooms through too.
Catching many bubbles.
That pop – melt and say goodbye.
As you waddle in water you get wet.
Clean your feet.
Wash your hair!

Now it’s night – night time.
Sleep tight.

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