The moon – Sun and You (sleepy time book)

by Colly

starlight kids

Clip-Art Photo

If I were the moon.
I would come out at night.
Decorate the dark with a little light.
I would shine along streams and ponds.
Along great oceans and seas.
Along the paths that follow a meadow, a lea.
These would lead to dark forestry.
But through the dimness I can pass.
Strobes of white flicker in the night –
between the evergreen trees.
Over top rolling mountains, plains I climb.
I’d see the world in one glance.
This roadway has no map.
I am the moon.
But you, you need to go to bed.
Through the curtains I peer in to say goodnight.

If I were the sun.
We’d have much fun.
I’d travel around by daylight.
Dance along the shores of the seas.
Or if in winter the snow would know to glimmer.
As my globes stopped and lingered.
Following the path I have written.
I could find your lost mitten.
I could find where your togue dropped.
In the light the world is bright.
The sun to rise in the east.
Sets out to make a path over the sky.
By noon I’m resting in the middle of the world.
By dusk I get ready to say goodnight.
As I sink down slowly in the west.
That’s when you see beautiful sunsets.
When it is twilight.

The world is the moon and sun’s resting place.
Where they shine their light upon.
But you’re not the moon nor the sun.
You’re my little one who needs sleep.
So night – night to you.
And I love you so.
For always, your mom – dad.

Paint a picture in the sand.
Call it hope and make in grand.
It is shaped as a heart.
Inside there’s our names.
Mom – dad’s and yours little one.

Stars Above Play Tunes of Love

~ poem ~

From wince the sun does dip and play

in colors luminous to brighten the day.

Once past twilight the moon glows

forming shadowed highlights.

Stars return; each a display in unique ways.

Some will radiate and your eyes try to follow

as they dart across the sky.

Others are barely visible but with

focused attention you’ll see them.

Neigh, they don’t try to copy or feign.

Should they now?

Wouldn’t be the same.

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