Wonderful Design

by graypoet


Do we appreciate how wonderfully we’re made
Bodies designed allowing us to give so much
From physical, mental, even spiritual things
We never know how many our lives may touch.

Two eyes to see all the beauty around us
Two ears with which to listen with love
Two hands to give, yet also to reach out
Fingers to touch, matching another’s like a glove.

One nose to enjoy the scents that bring joy
One mouth to eat, making also slow to answer
One head for too many just confuse the issue
One chin to rub, with all the thoughts to ponder.

Two breasts to share with child or intimate one
Two lips to kiss, giving pleasure so loving
One heart to give to another special heart
One mind to meld with theirs, a love never-ending.

We are given so much, may we share honestly
Cherish what we’re given, time passes by
We don’t know how many days we might have
So don’t look back with regrets and ask Why?

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