Poem of the Day — Crackle Magnet

by paturnerlee

Crackle Magnet


Bliss broken in early winter

Sordid dreamt stories trickle gently into crevices, freshly blemished

Soft purple lips touched, shining, wet, rippling

Caught by light, second reckoning

Peach imperfect alone and burning

sworn to leave lightened reveller whose senses are broken

torn from the quivering arrow

Brewed in a blink of suggestion

a chapped tripped in saline, a lifeline, a brisk flint striking light

Small inflection, an infection in the mind

A cross-bow bristle brush cover

Wishing well day trippers a level surface

Crept up on sanctimonious sooth sayer

Yelling tear-drops in the market

A shark catching hero with babies in the mountain

golden scraped reading of stitches

Woven into blades of conquest

Sawn from planks of lost treasure trunks

the missed corporate dictum

A leaders vanquished banquet

Floored by same beleaguered mission

Traction the reasonable remedy

Fallen stars crashed, a conundrum

A pull and pump actor, no heart can resist, stop laughing

Wicked plume

Scared drawn and taken

Left soaked

Wet bread mixture



January 7th 2015

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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