Ode to Sex

by Colly


to sex

Hot in bed

Warm the sheets

Come ~ play with me

Ensemble of satisfaction

A roll that seals my appetite

Desire ~ need you, for, always

Quenches need ~ a soul’s drink

The mystery of love in full bloom

Two hearts bond ~ melt into one

The soft caresses teasing skin

Melting away inhibition

Love initiates



6 Comments to “Ode to Sex”

  1. Reblogged this on writhewriter and commented:
    Whoa :O

  2. wow! this is a hot poem! I could feel the heat from here, and it’s 10 C below zero right now!

    • Well, love’s heat makes Valentines sweet!
      But what I really need is heart shaped chocolates…! 🙂
      (I know where do you see the word Valentines in this?)
      Probably will be writing more along those lines.

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