Freedom of Speech – Charlie Hebdo

by thom amundsen

We were tested today, is word allowed

to speak in utterances, scream aloud

our freedoms, our ability to breathe

in energy evils presently seethe.


Remember as a child when first we learned

civic responsibilities, speech earned.

Tomorrow, next week, again, we honor

human lives. We must destroy dishonor.


‘War’ donned my Stop signs across the city

we wanted to speak out loud our pity.

In order to be heard we took a chance

some laughed, calling it spoken elegance.


12 dead, more wounded, violent release

the freedom of words, belittled, sweet peace

6 Responses to “Freedom of Speech – Charlie Hebdo”

  1. When freedom resorts to un-self-censored provocation it always seems to generate a violent response; and outrage . . .

  2. the talking heads (media) are now speaking of the press being ‘soft targets.’ Such a sad reality toward scaring a public already too frightened to speak for themselves.

  3. The scum of the Muslim world shows its head again.


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