The little robin sang

by Harry

Submitted by Rohannathpoet

The little robin sang, ‘I can’t fly.
Mother, I can’t fly.
I fear the dreadful descent.
I fear the immeasurable depth.’
The mother robin replied, ‘Fly! For ye
Realize the profundity,
For such is your curiosity
Maybe not now but shall regret
The little robin beheld downwards
with a terror.

Paced backwards and then sprinted
Jumped from the branch;
Dived into the unfathomable depth
of ocean.
Fluttered his wings intensely yet
down he sinks!
Trepidation occupied his delicate
Suddenly, a tender zephyr of the
spring held him
And shot him up into the heavens.
Terror turned into delight in an
As he embraced the white cotton
with his wings.
Then, the little robin observed his
miniature abode
And the enormous world ahead yet
to be discovered!


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