Poem of the day — Slap in the Cornerstone

by paturnerlee



Cheap tricking mixer, unable to bear the shambles.

Social isolator a predatory party animal rendition

Bartering emotion, on a needs be selfish notion

Hold back achievements for fear of offending

Should help others in need of grieving

Easy option to lock the door

Miss engagements with excuses

Save yourself for untold abuses

Leave the mind to ruminate and evolve

Layer on the colours to rejuvenate the spirit

Longer than action city present a stable regency offering

Billions of reasons to make a choice

Corner cut sandwich a sign of recognition

Slap on the shoulder frenzy faked redemption

Leave risk cracked, post creation

Fly away on a cloud of fancy

No longer able to escape crystal clear dreams


December 19th

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2014


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