What Went Wrong

by Venkat


ages that went past
ages that will come
the age we are in

man seems bent upon
converting himself
into a technological marvel

till one day
he will connect with others
by their IP address
assigned in this human web

a day to come
when he will realise
the mouse he has been
clicked by hands of life

things may go wireless
but we are ever on
the same muddy path
to Kingdom of peace

we have the same chariot
to drive by a horse given at birth
yet we spend time
in making wheels
that would fly

wheels, be of gold or rubber
wheels, be they small or big
the path, remains same

the one to reach
is the one who does not give up

image: holyblasphemy.net

2 Comments to “What Went Wrong”

  1. the one to reach / is the one who in the end MUST give up . . . . It is the final step of all journey: surrender . . .

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