The Reason for the Season

by Sue's Nook

Greedy shoppers stampede into stores
Ransacking shelves – wanting more;
While the homeless man lies shivering outside
Wondering – if food and shelter – someone will provide.

An angry child cries over a game.
Why are her parents’ gifts so lame?
While at the domestic violance shelter down the street,
A boy hugs his mom thankful for a safe place where he can sleep and eat.

Late for the party, his car horn he blares.
At two slow pedestrians, he angrily glares.
The crippled bent lady helps her grandson cross the street,
Thankful for the chemo so another Christmas they will together greet.

What is our reason
For celebrating this season?

Remember the Prince born in a barn,
With only a few cloths to keep him warm.
As a man he helped the hurting and neglected.
It was for them he gave his life and resurrected.

He is the reason
Why I celebrate this season.

Let’s get rid of our selfishness and greed.
Let’s help and give to those in need.
Let’s put on love, generosity and patience
And use them to change our world and nations!

What is your reason
For celebrating this season?


(Poetry challenge: Christmas Poem)

6 Comments to “The Reason for the Season”

  1. Here! Here! I’m with you.

  2. Very nice Sue.

    Don’t forget your name and tags 🙂

  3. Thanks, Harry. Sorry about forgetting. *blush*

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