~ Personification – Knowledge ~

by ladyliterati


Beneath the earth
Modern hands unveil me as prized possessions –
Script me from a modern mind-set
Freeze frame me in images
Sarcophagus, symbols, hieroglyphics
Scrolls, papyrus, pottery
Sample my mummified remains
Yet, I remain obscure
Great minds seek the unknown
In agony, some concede
In ecstasy some succeed, relentless
In dispute, competition ensues

Above the ether
My mysteries entice
My solar system marvels
Purpose magnified
The mad scientists
“The gatherers”
Seek to exploit
“What are men compared
To heavenly vaults?”
Foreign objects orbit
“Am I of water, cloud?”
“Am I the missing link of human existence?”
Persistence perpetuates possibility
“Come, walk the Milky Way”…

Below my waves
In depths of darkness
Billions of years
Await discovery –
The last frontier?…
As a sirens song, alluring
Trenches of time
Of shifting and shaping
Of plates sliding, colliding
Core samples mystify
Platted, mapped
My appearance terrifies
Puzzles the professionals
“Am I on the verge of a catastrophic event?”
“Will humans remain to claim my secrets?”

I am knowledge bound in books
Hidden in scrolls
Of earth, water, wind and sky
Of letters, numbers, symbols
A mangled mass of matter
The human mind cannot contain me, yet,
Seek, perhaps you’ll discover, reveal
The universal answer to


Waxing philosophical today 🙂

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