~ Insatiable ~

by A. L. O'Prunty


Neath the covers with flashlight glow
I’d read until the light dimmed low
‘The Readers Digest’ handed down
A plethora of words there to be found

A book club my Mother did subscribe
Neath the covers they too would hide
Back then, by nine it was “lights out”
But I had to know what “all” was about

At thirteen, the Bible I did befriend
Read from ‘in the beginning’ to the end
This only enhanced my desire to learn
So, each Holy Book, I read in turn

Just to read I could not stop
People and places I had to spot
Wether globe, or encyclopedia
From written word to media

Classic to prophets to poetry
Ancients, to scholars, philosophy
Oh this thirst! Insatiable indeed!
Now flows from a quill finally freed!


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