by Venkat


fear, a cool creature
laughing out loud
enjoying the torture
for it stands at a distance
while we tie ourselves
by our own greasy ropes

to be free of fear
a strange thing to be
to hold on, yet release
to reason hard, yet let go
to think oneself high
yet know it could be foolish

fearlessness, a flight
as balloons, to treasure it
knowing it would burst
where life and death merge
into total acceptance

image: savagechickens.com


6 Comments to “Fear”

  1. you have great writing skills. keep it up

  2. Once again the curious tension between fear & faith, and how caught between them we flutter like butterflies in search of a flower upon which to land . . . Thanks for the verses . . .

    • Thanks. I am only touching the edges consumed by the shine while the precious stone is too big to hold. I heard somewhere – “the more I see, the less I know”…

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