WWII – in memorial

by jaybluepoems

Once upon a battlefield
I stood where heroes fell,
where brothers, sons and lovers paused
to hear death’s tolling knell.

Once upon an open sea
I sailed where deep remain
the bodies of courageous men
who, by war were sadly slain.

Once upon the azure blue
I drifted through the crimson cloud
where valiant fighters dealt with death
to die alone in sullen shroud.

I’ve felt the moments summoned.
I’ve seen the grave despair.
I’ve witnessed every breath so gained
and every soul laid bare.

I’ve shed a tear not meant for me,
but for the uncaressed
that ne’er again felt warmth of love
before their final rest.

To their souls my prayer,
my honor and my truth,
that they be blessed eternal,
and blessed in memory’s youth!

3 Comments to “WWII – in memorial”

  1. Such a poignant depiction of such a terrible event in our history.

    • Thank you. We come upon the 73rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor this Sunday. Set me to thinking of my father’s generation and their sacrifice, their courage.

      • I’ve been there too. I was completely shocked that oil is still emanating from the USS Arizona. The event was so long ago but the wounds still fresh.

        My grandfather was on the USS Spence which sunk in the Pacific Theatre on December 18, 1944.

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