by suicidallyanonymous

I don’t care if your world is ending today
I don’t want you to see
where I hide the hurt,
because I burned myself
when I tried to bleach
the ache in my bones
[because you are
flesh wounds and lust;
I’m too bitter
for your tongue].

because i wasn’t invited to it anyway
Handle me as if
I was no longer
a breathing balloon
of scary, ugly love
[because it’s all
stairs in my head…
tripping on the words
you trail behind].

you wanted perfect
I found a cracked
once upon a time
to place behind my eyes.
It gave me a kaleidoscope
to be innocent again
[but I want you to love me,
like her. And by chance
the stars won’t shine for you,
but us].

you got your perfect
There are no dreams,
just knots; tied
for God
to keep me honest
and my skin virgin
[I wish you’d have taken
the blood in my throat,
because you are
my irrevocable melody].

but now I’m too perfect for someone like you
Maybe you like it
when I writhe in the desolation
of my letters barely sent
-I do it all for you,
you ignorant fuck.

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