Poetry Challenge: Ice hotel poem.

by Harry

A simple challenge, write a poem about the ice hotel.

The Ice hotel in Swedish Lapland remains famous the world over

as the original, and simply the best, hotel made purely from ice and snow.

The photo below is the dining room, have fun.



For more info this is the link, http://www.icehotel.com/

Photo from Yahoo photos











11 Comments to “Poetry Challenge: Ice hotel poem.”

  1. I believe its not as cold as you would think.

  2. According to the website, temperatures are maintained at a level -5. That’s a bit on the nippy side for me. Anything above 20+ would suit 24/7 (if only!). Jemverse response to the challenge on its way tomorrow!

  3. I’ve been to an ‘ice bar’ in Sydney. It was similar to this one but not quite as exquisite 🙂 They gave us all big cosy jackets on arrival and the option of big furry boots. They even give you gloves and you drink out of ice glasses! Such an enchanting experience. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration for a poem. Sharon

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