~ Thankfulness ~

by A. L. O'Prunty


In this breaking dawn hush
Before the holiday rush
A paean of thankfulness
Emerges sincere:

For life, the air I breathe –
Every second thousands are dying
In wars, crimes, accidents, disease

For my parents, loyal and true –
Everyday a parent walks away
Dishonoring, damaging the ‘family’ unit

For my grandparents, divine devotees –
Some have never known, been shown
Encouraging, unconditional love

For my siblings, first faithful friend –
Some spend their entire lives
Seeking such as these

For my children, my hearts song –
Some, barren, never experience
This indelible power of love

For my grandchildren, my hearts joy-
Some never seen themselves
Reflected in the eyes of innocence:

For the pleasures, pains
Mountains, valleys
Friend, foe
Love, loss
Happiness, sadness
Tribulations, perseverance;

For every phase
That brought me to this stage
This moment…I am thankful.


5 Comments to “~ Thankfulness ~”

  1. What a beautiful way of appreciating what you have in light of what others lack…Yes it pays to be humble in gratitude for the people, comfort, peace, present in our lives as we also pray for those who may not be as blessed…
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I was blessed just reading this; beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing…!! šŸ™‚

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