~ Lady Liberty Weeps, Wails ~

by A. L. O'Prunty


Lady Liberty weeps and wails,
Firery red, white and blue tears
Splash across the scene, screen
Chokes on smoke ascending the skies
In flames, her attire, her flag of freedom,

In shame, in frames, forever chained
The hands that lit the flame
The provoking mouths spewing discord
And the wayward shepherded
With a riot in his very soul

A defining moment of civility forever lost
As America stands center stage
On the worlds platform, exhibiting
The darker side of the American Dream:

Let our ancestors be blind
That they can not see
This gross injustice to Lady Liberty!
Less they rally from the grave
Defending her honor once more!



8 Comments to “~ Lady Liberty Weeps, Wails ~”

  1. Hey…good job with this one.

  2. powerfully expressed and sadly true …Many Bountiful Blessings of Love and Hope, Peace and Joy fill your day, whether you celebrate the holiday or are simply Thankful.

    • Tank you Morgan. My blood boils with the images of our American flag being burnt. In my opinion, it should be a federal offense if for no reason then to honor the fallen who fought for her right to fly!

  3. An awesome write; poetry in motion…!!

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