by Heather's Starting End


Sometimes it takes a sleepless night
To awaken from a dream
To realize that the cloud you walk,
Is not as real as it had seemed

Sometimes it takes a moment,
To cancel out a life
Realize that the faith you had,
Is now lost with just one lie

Sometimes it takes a player
To come in to your heart
To realize that the charm and wit,
Are just their form of art

Sometimes it takes a heart of gold,
To melt and turn to stone
To realize that, all along,
Your love has always, been alone

Sometimes it’s best to trust your gut,
Because it is your best friend
Only then you’ll shorten, false loves pain,
And get quicker to the end



7 Comments to “Sometimes”

  1. Lots to ponder on; need to reread. 🙂

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