Mind’s Pipe

by Venkat


mind, a strange container
solid frame with a single pipe

the same long snout
to take things in

the same long snout
to let things out

with love, in a heart of virtues
come one thought a time
through the inlet
and out it goes
from the same pipe
a love richer
by cycles of observation

with weakness in a heart of fear
come multiple thoughts
stuffed into the inlet
some become residual
some stuck as glue
some grow singing praises of self
but none come out
until they fill up every little space
to froth out fumes of odorous evil
or to explode in pressures of its own weight

image: thefoggiestnotion.com

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2 Comments to “Mind’s Pipe”

  1. very graphic imagery . . . You tackle tough thoughts, and with a lyrical voice . . . Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the words and thanks to Harry for letting me speak out my daily evening thoughts 🙂

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