Will You Never Come Again

by KeiB

We were once upon a backseat
I try to write us and I can’t
The words scorch the screen
And how I envy that girl in your arms
The green-eyed one who stole your virginity
And tied her red ribbon round your neck
To mark you, make you hers
She walks our old haunts and wonders
How it has come to be that such fire
That once consumed the world and us with it

Could bite so fierce and crush her bones
As if it was just another November
A bleak and frozen winter
Just like this cold and dying thing
That pretends to be my heart
I would call you with words
If I thought you ever came here
But then…
I’m no poet when it comes to you
You make me feel like English is my second language
Though I’m sure I could speak your body
In every tongue that was invented
And if you ever thought to go beyond
Our oh so superficial and cliché connection
And chance to find this sad attempt
At poetry fraught with innuendo and tension…

Do you still have my red ribbon?

~ kei
19 November 2014

From The Eclectic Poet (Eclectic Unconfined)

Still Waiting...

Still Waiting…

3 Comments to “Will You Never Come Again”

  1. Hi Karin.
    don’t forget to use the read more, and add the poetry category beside your name.

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