Aurora Must Wait, The Ice Hotel

by Heather's Starting End

Poetry challenge: Ice hotel poem.
The place quite chilling, like sanitized cold,
At the end of the world it is found
T’was there we would meet for our rendezvous,
With Dogs pulling sleigh, for the travel I’m bound

Labor of love, Ice Hotel I’ve now entered, 
Sculpted with natures free gift
Sheer beauty, frost blanket, steaming with chill,
Corner table, with candle, he greeted my wish

His eyes cast a brown on the ice that seemed blue,
The first shiver, shocked my skin
Soon covered in blankets of deerskin for armor,
Our rendezvous, now would begin

The bite in the air lessened with time,
As the flame in my heart grew wild
The sculptured ice blocks that we sat upon,
Seemed to melt as our plan was compiled

To retrieve to the quarters where we would lay,
Our own light this night to create
Perhaps tomorrow we’ll venture out,
But for now, Aurora Borealis must wait


2 Responses to “Aurora Must Wait, The Ice Hotel”

  1. Thank you a lovely poem,


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